Lordship, Stratford, Connecticut


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Our Parish has begun a new communications tool called FLOCKNOTE*

This will be our principal communication method both for the parish as a whole as well as for specific groups in the parish. You may have already received notices from us via FLOCKNOTE. We have already entered various e-mail addresses into the system as a start. However you have total control to correct addresses or names or to delete your contact information altogether. New users will enter their own information. If you are a member of any parish group such as Faith Formation Parents, Extraordinary Ministers, Readers, it is most important that you are included.

In addition to e-mail, the system provides instant messaging for those who have the capability to receive such messages.

We intend to use the system to augment our bulletin and our web-site as well as to provide a timely means for last minute information such as changing meeting information or reminders etc. Instant messaging will be used principally by individual groups but in rare cases it could be used with e-mail to announce last minute changes to the Mass schedule due to severe weather conditions.

Email will also be used to announce in more detail new parish programs, new additions to our website, and parish wide meetings. In addition it is a TWO-WAY communication method.  You will be able to respond to any e-mail publicly for all to see or privately for only the sender to see. On certain messages you may be able to choose one of several responses (a poll).

It is important that you learn to use the system and how to take full advantage by controlling the groups within the parish from which you wish to receive communications. You may need also to set up your e-mail preferences so these messages will be displayed fully, and not go automatically to your junk or trash folders and be deleted before you see them.

Your e-mail address is secure. You will not receive any third party messages nor will your address be shared with other parties including the Diocese. See detailed instructions on the back.

*funded in part by the Men’s Group

How to Connect:     Go to the www.flocknote.com/OLOP

You will see this screen:  

Fill in your first and last name your e-mail address and if you wish the phone number where you can receive instant messages. If you include both you will be able to receive both.

If you only use a number for messages (no e-mail address) you will receive a text message when we send out an e-mail and instructions on how to read it on the web. After you click on Sign me up you will see the following:    

Click on groups you wish to receive Group messages from. Don’t worry you can change your selections any time later. Groups such as the Men’s Group have no lock sign on them and you will be signed up immediately. If you would like to be a member of one of the groups with the lock sign, the group administrator will get a notice and either put you on the group list or contact you to welcome you as a volunteer for that group.

After you click Next you will see the following message:    

Follow the instructions to confirm your e-mail and give permission to contact you at that address.    


Text OLOPCT to 84576 from your message phone and follow the prompts.  This is not necessary if you included your number already in the e-mail registration.

If your e-mail address is already in the system you will see the next screen where you can check the groups. You will not get an additional e-mail regarding a required response.  If you have been getting notices through the system there is nothing else you need to do.

For more information go to www.flocknote.com/help.