Father's Message

Dear family,

This past weekend, Deacon Tom spoke about the '3 R's' -- remember, read and reflect. On this third week of Lent, we remember that the source and summit and center of our faith is the Eucharist. Let us then continue to read the Holy Scripture, for example, Exodus 12:!4-15, John 6:32-35 and take a few minutes to reflect on these eternal gifts from God. May all of us grow deeper in our faith just like Moses was drawn deeper into the reality of God's presence into the burning bush. 

As Pope Saint John the XXIII, in The Journal of a Soul reflected on 'The Annunciation' which is on March 25th, said:

"When we reflect on this mystery, we see that our chief and constant duty is to thank the Lord who deigned to come to save us and for this purpose made himself man. He wanted us who were the adopted sons and daughters of his Heavenly Father to be sons and daughters of his own Mother, Mary."



Humbly yours in Christ,


Father Nicholas Pavia