Connect with Us  

Our Parish uses FlockNote* for communications with our parishioners.   Connect with OLP by going to www.flocknote.com/OLOP and follow the prompts to sign up.  You may also connect via your cell phone, text OLOPCT to 84576 from your phone and follow the prompts.

FlockNotes will be Our Lady of Peace parish primary method of communication.  You may have already received notices from OLP via FlockNotes because we have entered e-mail addresses provided through parish registration. We will use FlockNotes to supplement the information in OLP Bulletin, and to provide a means for last minute information; such as meeting changes, inclement weather advisory, updates and reminders.  In addition, it is a two-way communication method.  You will be able to respond to any e-mail publicly or privately. Your e-mail address is secure. You will not receive any third party messages nor will your address be shared with other parties including the Diocese. 

*funded in part by the Men’s Group


For more information go to www.flocknote.com/help.