Prayer Requests

Please remember in prayer those who are unable to worship with us - the sick, the hospitalized, the home bound, elderly and nursing home residents and those in need of the comfort of prayer. Hold in your prayers our First Responders and the men and women of our Parish Family who are in the Military and especially: Mike Agvent, Larry Bortone, Todd Burr, Frank D'Orio, Lillian Duda, Arthur Funk, Robert Gould, Adrienne Houle, Elizabeth Kerkes, David Lathlean, Larry Lausten, Blanche Loparco, Brad Madigan, David Mauldin, Linda McDivitt, Thom McNeil, Gary Normandin, Marilyn Owen, Joseph Pecora, Sylvester Pecora, Lucy Pereira, Amy Richardson, Joann Rolleri, Stanley Wilson and Jacquie Zilliox.